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Growgab no. 1

White Indoor herb garden with self watering system.Cauliflower white Self-watering planter for growing herbs and plants. Planter for indoor and outdoor use.
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Stop worrying about your plants

The growing solution is here

It is always incredibly difficult to keep your plants and especially your herbs alive. The right nutrition, potting soil and amount of water play an important role in this. At Growgab we develop smart solutions so that everyone, with or without experience, can maintain their favorite herbs and plants.

One size doesn’t fit all

Our individual Grow plan

Every plant, like every person, is unique. In order to give each plant the right attention, the Growgab consists of 4 separate growth silos. In these growth silos, each plant has access to just the right amount of water, oxygen and other nutrients for optimum growth.

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Easily bring more green to your live

Effortless assembling

A green vertical garden full of plants boosts your energy, concentration and creativity. With our easy-to-use plug-and-play system, we've made it easy to put it anywhere or hang it on your wall. Link multiple Growgabs together, create your own ecosystem and start designing your own vertical garden.

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