Top 3 benefits of houseplants

Thank you for taking the time to read our very first blog on our website. Before you go on reading, a quick word about us. We are rather enthusiastic about plants. In fact, we believe that everyone should have at least one plant in their home and preferably many more. Having plants in your living environment has many advantages. For the sake of convenience, we will mention the three most important ones here.

1. Plants create a healthier home 

A plant in your house creates a healthy environment. You have probably heard this before, but how much of it is actually true? A lot of it is, according to many studies on the impact of plants on people's health. People who have plants in their homes generally have better indoor air quality. Plants remove harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and dust particles from the air and in return provide oxygen and higher humidity. This green friend therefore has a doubly positive effect on the living environment in your home: it removes harmful particles and brings back good ones in return. So take away that air freshener and replace it with a nice green plant. Because the benefits of having a plant in your home go beyond your health.

2. Plants make you more productive 

A number of studies have shown that plants also cause an increase in productivity. Being around plants has a positive effect on your focus, memory and productivity. A study by the University of Michigan found that people's memory was 20% better when in an environment with plants. And at the Royal College of Agriculture in England, they found that students can pay up to 70% more attention to the lesson if there are plants in the classroom. There is also evidence that people make fewer mistakes with plants around them. Finally, plants give us something to do: look after them! Like a pet, caring for plants can be very rewarding, especially if the plant continues to grow and produce beautiful flowers every year. This feeling of accomplishment has a positive influence on other things in your life.

3. Plants provide a quieter environment 

Have you ever walked in a forest where there was an almost oppressive silence? Then you know how well plants and trees can muffle sound. You can take this wonderful peace and quiet from nature! By placing them in your home, they take on the same function as curtains: they make the room look nicer and they muffle sound when people start talking. Only where curtains only pollute the air with dust particles, a plant makes the air cleaner too. So it seems simple to us: remove the curtain and put in the houseplant.