How to decorate tiny houses with plants?

In many ways, a small flat in the city is a lot harder to arrange than a large country house. Ultimately, only a limited amount of things fit into a space, and unfortunately plants are often the victims of this. And yet, in small spaces, there are many advantages to having plants around. The plant's air purification has more effect in smaller spaces, you can often better control the light and plants are less likely to forget to water because they are always in sight. Fortunately, there are also plenty of smart solutions for minimising the space taken up by plants in your home.Plants on the wall

1. Get several small plants.

Rather than trying to fit in that large palm at all costs, use a number of different small plants. Put them in a few places you wouldn't otherwise do anything with, such as on top of a cupboard, at the end of a bookshelf, next to your spice jars, etc. Another advantage is that the air purification is more spread out through the room than with one large plant

2. Use your walls.

People often overlook how much space is actually available on the walls. There are often a number of empty spots on the wall, perhaps even at the top, where you could easily hang something. In recent years, many innovative ideas have emerged for this, such as the Growgab. Growing plants on the wall is also known as vertical gardening. Of course, we understand that it is not always easy to water plants that grow above your body height. That's why many vertical planters use a self-watering system, so you only have to water your plants once every fortnight and the rest of the time you can enjoy your small but green living space.