The world's first appealing and functional planter
In the spring of 2020, a lot of hard work was done in a small flat in Amsterdam. It were the first prototypes of Growgab that were cut out of a piece of cardboard and saw the light of day. 

The idea was born after a long search for a hanging system that looks aesthetic and helps maintain different kind of plants. In addition, it had to fit in any place in the house, to grow your plants in a place with the right amount of sunlight. 
We started with the most important thing; how to solve the under- and overwatering problem of plants. After many meetings, I mean a lot, with various grow specialists in the Netherlands, we had a vision of how the Growgab should work. 

A year later, many prototypes and an abundance of fresh herbs in our workshop, we are proud of our product. The Growgab is 100% circular. Both the materials used and the automatic water system. No electricity, no fancy apps, just nature doing its job, that's what we are proud of.